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Our Impact

Sustainability is our backbone. We are the first, and possibly the only sperm donor bank, to be aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.  As our kind and generous donors give their exceptional sperm to create much longed for families, we give back to the world in other ways. Not only do your donations make a positive impact on the world, as the custodian of your donations we'll take extra steps. Together we are building something that is bigger than any of us.

Happy Children

Giving for each sperm donation

We realise there is a huge difference between saying something and actually DOING something. As an impact-driven company, we're changing this. When we create a family as a result of your kind donation, we also give back to the world to support high impact projects to improve the health and education of children across the globe as part of the B1G1 Business For Good community. We help you select a project you would like us to support.



Responsibility and Sustainability

We recognise our responsibility for the future generations. Our sustainability strategy ensures that we reduce our footprint and inspire others to become more sustainable too. As one of our donors, we'll share with you our ethos for improving the quality of our environment for the families your sperm helps to create.

Diversity and Inclusion

We champion and celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion.

We work with dedicated networks to welcome a wide range of donors, helping us to build diverse families safely and responsibly.


We welcome donors of all sexual orientations from all ethnicities and religions.

Leicester is famous for its diversity enabling donations from people from all cultures.

Donor Information

For many people, using donated sperm is the only chance they have of fulfilling their dream to have a family. We provide our donors with detailed information about the donation process and how their sperm is securely used by licensed healthcare professionals across the UK, to help build healthy future generations.

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